A downloadable game for Windows

A 2.5D puzzle platformer where you (yes, you!) play as a marshmallow trying to escape the appetite of humans. 

Save as many of you fellow food friends as you make your way to the goal, solving puzzles and quests along the way.


Artists: Alyssa Barry, Cassandra Zanin & Jaymie Sibree

Designers: Jackson LelloJames Wilson

Programmers: Sean McCarthy & Reece McIntyre

Sound Designers: Jasper Calab, Terry Walsh & Todd Summerfield


All assets used remain the property of their creators. We make no money from the creation or distribution of these works both part or in full. 

This is a work of fiction and therefore any relations to persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental. 


MellowMares.zip 244 MB


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Amazing Game, I'm in love with the art style and characters! one thing i would love to see is some way to indicate which way you are you should be heading to, mabey like a mini map or ojects in the world. in addition to a how to play section in the main menu. Other than that great work!